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You find Lori, a visual artist whose ideas flow into media where she hosts online broadcasts on Google+On-Air Hangouts, Hang w/, Touchcast, YouTube@Successipes and Successipes on BlogTalkRadio.

When not creating her own content for business articles, Lori is affectionately known as “The Princess of Curation” where she leads an online nation of thought leaders, visionaries, and passionate entrepreneurs by shining a spotlight on their content and sharing it with the world.

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She inspires others to follow the dreams in their heart.
Lori encourages people to take action steps daily to succeed. Her work helps people to find fulfillment which allows them to live their passion and love their lives.

>You’ll want to hire this dynamic , award-winning presenter  for your next event,convention, conference, or telesummit.

Lori interviews visionary and transformational leaders  They discuss success strategies and best business practices.

This Florida waterfront  mansion was featured in one Lori’s business success articles.

750 Lake Drive, Boca Raton, listed by Ari Arbinder, Mizner Grande Realty

750 Lake Drive, Boca Raton, listed by Ari Arbinder, Mizner Grande Realty

Lori frequents  resort destinations leading hands-on, experiential workshops and training programs.

The only thing missing here is YOU. Join me

The only thing missing here is YOU. Join me

Lori facilitates uplifting seminars including  “Stress Management for Entrepreneurs” and “How to Boost Your Creativity and Make Ideas Flow.”

Tropical Training in Florida

Be a Powerful Presenter Coaching will be prepare you to feel confident and be outstanding in front of your next audience.

A Selfie. I can't wait to work with you

A Selfie. I can’t wait to work with you

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Lori captured the sunrise at Delray Beach, Florida

Lori captured the sunrise at Delray
Melissa, instructor, and Donatella

Melissa, instructor, and Donatella at Johnson’s Folly Horse Farm, Delray Beach, Florida . Nongae Johnson, Owner

Lori’s mom said, “Lori was speaking at 9mos old.She’s amazing. Lori represented Florida in the Bicentennial Youth Debates Persuasive Speaking Competition.Lori's Persuasive Speaking Awards

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