Hashtag Popularity Search shows #RT, #iPad,#Android rank higher than #Sex

This shocking discovery happened when I was challenged to do some hashtag popularity research using  search tools on the website Hashtagify.me 

I was introduced to the Hashtagify.me site by fellow social media participant, Kimberly Reynolds, CEO of Social Notz, who shared a contest announcement with our networking group which involved the Hastagify.me site.

The contest which is now over, had opportunities for winning money and even a chance for someone to be considered for a job opening in the hashtag field.

Upon visiting the site, I did some research, had tons of fun, found the information insightful and sometimes surprising, but I never posted this blog post and missed the contest deadline while this post was a draft waiting for me to click on the publish button.

The stats in this article are from November, so they’re a month late for the November contest, but I’m sharing these finding with so as a way of introducing you to the Hashtagify.me site.

According to the website Hashtags.Org , the(#) hashtag is used to highlight keywords or topics within a tweet and can be placed anywhere within a post.

My search for popular hashtags began with celebrities and television shows.

#KimKardashian 49.6; #Chris Jenner 30.8; #Northwest 51.8; and #KanyeWest 53.8.  

More popular hashtags  include  #APP 73.8; #APPLE 75.3; #Technology 68.1; #Cloud 65.9; # Mobile 68.7; #SEO 72.5; #Social 66.3; #Marketing 74.5;and #Facebook 76.6, even #Obama73.2

Dancing With The Stars #DWTS 65.9; #TheVoice 74.00, #Fashion 77.7; #Job 82.8; #Adult 70.5 #VIDEO 77.6 #FREE 80.5 #Love 87.1 #SEX 80.7.

Hashtag popularity statistics are demonstrating that more people are looking for a job found by searching  #job which returns a popularity ranking of  82.8 than#Sex 80.7, or #Porn ranked 80.9?

These results should be the topic of lots of late-night talk shows hosted by  Letterman, Leno, Conan, Kimmel, or Fallon about these hashtag popularity rankings. I can’t be more explicit here but others might go there.

What ranks higher than these keywords? #Music ranked 86.1; #OpenFollow 92.2; #Retweet92.9; #Follow89.9;#iphone88.8; #iPad 92.9; #Android96.8; #RT98.4.

For my next search I want to know how using hashtags in postings influences the number of readers who follow the post and the impact hashtags have on a website and to revenue.

I am fascinated by the power of using hashtags and following trends so don’t be surprised if my next book contains my findings. What are your favorite hashtags?

How has using them changed your traffic results to your website and/or blogs? Has your revenue increased dramatically using hashtags in your postings? Share your stories or be a guest on my talk show”Successipes” if you’d like to talk about this.

Before clicking the publish button to share this blog post with you, I went back to the Hashtagify.me site for the latest hashtag statistics including #Android 96.7, #RT 97.8, # iPad 93.1, #Follow 89.4 and #Sex 80.4. So I can still conclude that #Android, #RT,#iPad,#Follow still rank higher in popularity than #Sex.

With upcoming holidays and a New Year right around the corner,  I searched and found that  #Christmas 71.1 still has a higher hashtag  search popularity ranking  than #MileyCyrus 62.6.

#Free 80.2, #Instagram 76.6, #Love 86.6, #Shopping 70.9, #Family 75.5, and #Fashion still 77.7

I look forward to your #Follow ,#RT, and Retweet@Successipes .Please let me know about other contests so I can consider entering before the deadline passes. Check out the ranking popularity of your favorite hashtags using http://www.hashtagify.me .

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