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There is so much content added online each day that I’m sure that there’s not enough recognition and appreciation to those who create this content. Today’s them is about giving social mentions to recognize people for their contributions and to help them gain social media influence .

What would happen if more people gave credit for what they learned and received from others?

Today I was inspired by a #googlePlus Post by a woman I didn’t know ,Yasmine Mukahel. Her GooglePlus post included 25 tips to improve GooglePlus posts.It was conveniently posted on GooglePlus.

Just before I read Yasmine’s post with tips, I commented on post about Michael Todd’s book about improving social media results by knowing what to do.

Reality struck hard today after reading some of the tips in Yasmine’s post which reminded me that you don’t know what you don’t know until someone points it out and you realize- you didn’t know that.

Translation: Ignorance is not bliss, it’s expensive.”- Lori Wilk.

Make this the year of learning more about what to do with your social media and how to track your results so you know what’s working and what needs changing or improvement.

The price of not knowing this stuff is getting too high because there’s more to do each day and without some level of efficiency in what you’re doing, your days are shot. I mean they disappear without a trace never to be seem again.

It’s tool time which includes resources to be more effective and efficient this year. There are tools and shortcuts(Hacks) to learn and best practices to share.

Today’s theme is about making improvement for better results. Yasmine’s post with tips was perfect timing for my theme of the day. As I kept reading these tips I felt it would be selftish not to share with others so you’re reading this blog post and please share it with others if you find it beneficial.

#1 Social media mentions: I learned from Yasmine today that to mention someone in a Googleplus post you begin with a “+” sign before typing in the letters of their name. To mention Yasmine Mukahel in a GooglePlus post is writtern +YasmineMukahel and this notifies Yasmine that someone has mentioned her in a post. It’s fast, easy, and polite if you know how.

#2 social media mentions on Twitter. My Twitter handle is Successipes. If you want to mention me in one of your Tweets you would use the @ sign before my show name and it would be @Successipes.

#3 Hashtags are another great way to make mentions in posts that include keywords that you want noticed or even recognized. You use a # symbol right before the keyword that you want to be searchable such as #Socialmedia, #marketing,#SEO.

If in a Tweet you included a link to an article with 10 tips to improve #Socialmedia ,this #socialmedia would be searchable on Twitter using the search button and entering in the search field#socialmedia. The Twitter search would show you the stream of Tweets which including the hashtag #socialmedia

In keeping with today’s theme of social mentions I want to recognize four people today for sharing content: Ron Sela
deserves social mention for his blogs on Online Influence.

Holly@tap Influence describes Influencer marketing as,” partnering with key influencers to co-create digital content that is engaging and meaningful to consumers.”

Marty Smith, a curator on, shared that when it comes to content marketing and getting results,” Noise levels in the market are high. You don’t get the results you want when your content is not great. The 80/20 rule applies to content marketing:80% of the money made from content marketing will be made by the top 20% of those who do it.”

Greig Wells conducts online workshops about how to use LinkedIn to be found online for the purpose of getting a job. He was helped thousands of people to improve their social media presence and profiles so that they could get hired.

Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of Audience Bloom shared content about SEO: Search engine optimization. He explains,” Search engine optimization is important to every business. SEO is the process of setting up and optimizing your site so that it is easily found and favored by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.”

Jayson also explained,” Today people aren’t goig to pick up a phone book when they need something, they’ll go online and search for it.”

My last mention of this post is @ChrisBrogan for sharing his three words for the year. Based on Chris’s recomendation of having three words to represent your theme for the year I have selected 1.Curate 2. Create and 3. Advocate.

MY goals this year are to curate great content, create the life I desire and creating new content plus helping others be successful by teaching companies to have their staff members and customers to advocate for their business. I will advocate and promote the work of others this year in addition to my own. Heartbelgium

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