Biofeedback and Stress Management

Before I was introduced to the concept of biofeedback,  I was getting stressed  often. As a creative and not a techie, just trying to get into my website  ready for visitors and writing posts and keeping track of a multiple of passwords would send me into a frenzy. I heard that you needed to have long passwords with all sorts of combinations of letters and symbols , capitalized and small letters and it was a lot to keep track of.

To make sure my site and content would be secure I would have to change the passwords regularly. In doing this there are times when I get a little confused. My passwords are such a secret I can’t figure out what they are or where to find them. That was before I  was introduced to the right tool for handling passwords. Before I had more help and guidance was I had most of was STRESS!

Biofeedback game with water One day at an event I was introduced to Mark Jacenko. He was a web developer and he had a very calm demeanor. Nothing seemed to bother him about anything. He just didn’t get rattled like the rest of us and I wondered what was his secret. He told me… it had to do with biofeedback and learning how to control his thoughts and emotions and behavior.

Apparently, I needed some of that. I began to ask questions and found it pretty fascinating. Marek is the founder of the Institute of > Neurotechnology which is located in Europe.

For the past 11 years his team has developed a system that uses biofeedback tools including biofeedback games to help people find ways to be more calm and in control, have less anxiety and to be less stressed.  

I asked him to use me as a test subject and to demonstrate what’s possible so I could feel better. He told me to place a sensor on my little finger and when I did the device he showed me called,”Stone biofeeback,” started to blink and register my heartbeats on my computer screen.

At first with my computer anxiety there was some spiking of my heartbeat and he told me that no matter what it would be a good thing if I breathed. I decided to give it a try.

A few minutes I was playing games to help me control my emotions and my heartbeat was flowing is a nice wave. Thank-you. I will keep playing these games and look forward to new and improved self soon.

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